I grew up in Southern Sudan and Ghana and studied in Durham and at Makerere University in Uganda . It was in a plane returning for the last time from Africa in 1969 that I first came across the idea of using the rhythm model in a wider context than just the one of music. I was reading an interview with Jimi Hendrix in Time magazine. Jumping out at me were the words that would change my life. 'Life is Rhythm'. I have been researching this concept ever since. As a psychotherapist I've been especially interested in applying it to personal development and therapy. But it has spiritual and political meaning for me too. It feels like the spirit within nature. And I also see it as the equalising force in human societies.

I have over 20 years experience as a psychotherapist/counsellor weaving between a wide range of approaches from Psychodynamic to Humanistic to Cognitive. In 1988 I co-founded the Serpent Institute with John Rowan to train psychotherapists and counsellors in a context of nature based spiritualities and radical politics. It has had several new skins since then.

I have taught many courses in a variety of institutions. These range from 'Psychology and Mythology' at Camden Institute to 'Counselling' and 'the Goddess' at the Mary Ward Centre, from 'Mythological Journeys' at the Skyros Centre in Greece to 'Communication Skills' for Voluntary Service Overseas.

Painting has always been central to my life. I trained initially in Ghana where I was inspired by the spirits of Africa . Since then I have exhibited in many places including the Ecology Centre in London. It's my own therapy. And it can be a kind of spiritual practice too, putting into graphic form the rhythms of mother earth. I use it as meditation and even healing. There are often political themes as well.

Some examples of my painting are below, Click on them to view:

Future Hope Earth and Spirit Ellen in London Equalia in 11 Dimensions

Gibbs Hill Mystery Isis in London Spirit Guidance Ancient Origins

Now I live in North London. I share my life with my daughter Rosita who is a beautiful singer and many extraordinary and wonderful friends.

E-mail: jochaplin@yahoo.com