DEEP EQUALITY. O-Books. 2008.

'A liberating and natural philosophy which takes us beyond the old structures of dualism
and power struggles into the balanced and flowing realms....Read it and remember who you really are.'
Gill Edwards, Author of 'Living Magically'.

'Cutting Edge...a text that academics,activists and anyone involved with the future of humanity should read..and be inspired..' Andrew Samuels. Professor of Analytical Psychology, Essex University.


'One of the best and clearest descriptions of the imposition of "masculine" patterns of thought on a culture is Jocelyn Chaplin's new book, FEMINIST COUNSELLING IN ACTION.......The female view...prefers to prioritize in much more fluid, rhythmic way.'
Brenda Polan. The Guardian. 15th Nov.1988.

'FEMINIST COUNSELLING IN ACTION', obviously the most innovative of the 4 volumes, is an effective exploration of feminist principles as they apply to the counselling relationship.......rejects the prevailing hierarchical model of thinking in which one side must always come out on top. Contemporary Psychology. 1990. Vol. 35. No. 10.

LOVE IN AN AGE OF UNCERTAINTY. Aquarian Press. 1993.

'Goddess spirituality in action.....Jocelyn...shows us that life is a constant flux, where change and uncertainty are the norm: that the way to ride this roller-coaster is on a flood tide of love, a rhythmic linking of opposites......a spiral model shows how love energy manifests in the world.....if we can trust this flow, then we can transform patriarchy and live ecstatically.' Gina Lomac. Self and Society. Vol.22.No.1. March 1994.


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