'In the future elaboration of the new holistic world view, the notion of rhythm is likely to play a very fundamental role.' Fritjof Capra. 1988.


Equalizing rhythms can be described as repeating patterns of energy flow between opposites through time. These opposites can be on a microscopic or macroscopic scale. They are the forms taken by the rise and fall of entire civilizations and of the minute vibrations of our brain waves. Everything is vibrating in fast or slow, super fast or super slow rhythms.

When one extreme is reached there is a natural swing back to its opposite. Jung called this 'enantiodromia'. On many levels, in many dimensions(most little understood yet by science) and on many scales, nature seems to be striving endlessly to balance the opposites. This is the essence of ecology.

By including the word 'equalizing' a human value, on a human scale is being brought into an apparently meaningless natural phenomena. It could be seen as the form taken by the spirit within matter.


On a human scale equalising rhythms can be used as a new paradigm for everyday life, as a PRACTICAL PHILOSOPHY for living. It contrasts with the prevailing hierarchical model that still permeates our thinking today and underlies the extreme competitiveness that is destroying our world. It seems that humans divide things into opposites almost as a basis for language. But these opposites do not need to be vertically arranged with one always superior, above the other. Strong is seen as above weak, white above black, male above female, success above failure, happy above sad, winning above losing.

Equalizing rhythms connect the opposites horizontally in ever changing processes. Our unconscious is already working at balancing the opposites within, as in nature. But our hierarchical mind sets get in the way. Learning to attune to these rhythms consciously is a new form of COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY. Learning to dissolve inner hierarchies and still the mind is a SPIRITUAL PATH geared towards attunement to rhythms rather than attainment of perfection. We can learn to be in the FLOW more often.