The Equalian Meditation Group
When:  The last Sunday of every month, From 2-4pm

It will be in Kentish Town, North London. For more detail contact me Jocelyn at
Cost:  Free
Details:     The group is for left/equalityminded free spirits who want a non hierarchical spiritual path. Equalia is a long lost future goddess, the equalising rhythm of nature and the force of balance in our soul journeys. She/it will inspire our gathering through meditation, ceremony and spiritual practices tailored for each individual.

We will be committed to bringing her/it back into our over materialistic and competitive world.
Rhythm of Life Art Exhibition
When:  NOW. Many paintings are still for sale. Examples are on my 'about' page. Contact me on
Cost:  From £50 - £800
Details:     Rhythm of Life is inspired by African and Caribbean Spirits , Greek Mythology and the Streets of London.

Rhythm is the structure of structurelessness, the order in chaos, the flow between opposites...Yin and Yang, the Tao, Rhea goddessing within nature.

Evolution Revolution Radio Interview
When:  Thurs. Sept.18th. in the USA.
Details:     This American radio station is at the cutting edge of the evolution of human consciousness and social change. It provides a powerful ray of hope in these uncertain times.

I was interviewed about my new book 'Deep Equality' and the new ways of thinking/ paradigm shifts that it explores.

This interview is still online.
Initiation into the Mysteries of Kybele/Rhea/the flow
When:  Individual 7 sessions can be arranged any time. Public events will be put on this site as they come up.
Cost:  £25 - £50 for each session on a sliding scale.
Details:     This 7 stage initiation process is based on one of the best kept secrets of the ancient world. The Mysteries of Rhea/Kybele itook place in the Idean and Dikytian caves of Crete and Anatolia from at least as far back as 3,000 BC. They continuued into the Classical Greek period and Pythagorus was the most famous initiate. In those days science and mysticism were not so divided.
It is a mystic path helping people to attune to the flow of life itself. We see Rhea more as a rhythmic process within nature, than a ‘being’ to be worshipped. People can tune in directly, or through images, sounds or other techniques that will be taught on this course. Our focus is very much on trusting our OWN intuition rather than any authority. And ultimately our aim is to help re-balance the opposites that are so split in the WORLD SOUL. We can do this most effectively when we are as free as possible from our own inner splits and hierarchies.

The group is facilitated by Jocelyn Chaplin. Psychotherapist. writer, artist and low priestess of Rhea. For more information contact her on 0207 485 0264.