A Centre for the Study and Practice of a New Spirituality with Equalising at its Heart

For the 99% who are unhappy about the extreme inequailties everywhere but are also searching for a relevant, non hierarchical spirituality to connect with. We provide a path that honours the sacred equalising rhythms of life.

Jocelyn Chaplin is the guide and facilitator. She is a Psyhcotherapist (soul healer), Natural Spirituality Teacher, Artist, Best-Selling Author and hosts a blog:
Exploring links between spirituality and progressive politics

Video May 2012 Jocelyn talks to leading coach / speaker, Rasheed Ogunlaru.

DEEP EQUALITY - Book and Course

Jocelyn Chaplin book imageJocelyn's book 'Deep Equality' is available now - Click here to buy from Amazon

"It’s about making links between political and social principles of equality and the balancing, equalising rhythms of nature, of which we are a part, not separate." Jocelyn Chaplin

Ongoing Group based on 'Deep Equality'

1st and 3rd. Tues of the month 7-9. Contact Jocelyn for venue details.

Teaching a Philosophy of interconnected Opposites. A practice honouring the equalising rhythms of nature...the breath, the seasons etc. A psychology to free ourselves form hierarchical mindsets and live more in the flow.'. For bookings and more information - please see Events.


This serpent thread weaves between Mother Earth based SPIRITUALITIES (Taoism, Paganism, Shamanism, Buddhism, Sufism, Goddess Spirituality), RADICAL POLITICS (Anarchism, Socialism, Feminism, Anti racism), and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT (Psychotherapy, Counselling, Eco-psychology, Cognitive Psychology-paradigm shifting) and STRING THEORY (A mathematical theory that the universe is basically made up of vibrating strings in at least 11 different dimensions).

Linking ALL these apparently diverse approaches is an underlying serpentine form of ever changing rhythms between opposites. instead of rigid hierarchy. Jocelyn has developed a new THEORY of EQUALIZING RHYTHMS...a spirituality with equality at its heart.

William Blake: 'Without Contraries is no Progression'.

This is also a space for exploring how this theory can be put into PRACTICE for personal and social transformation. There are tips on how to live more rhythmically and less hierarchically in daily life.

Jocelyn has PUBLISHED several books, chapters and articles on these themes. Her LATEST ARTICLES will be available on this site.

Jocelyn facilitates a wide range of EVENTS - ongoing and future. She also provides individual sessions, in person in London , by e-mail or phone for others.

E-mail jochaplin@yahoo.com